Steel Framed Composite Deck

Designing and building a deck as a DIY project is straightforward. Most decks are a simple arrangement of posts or piers supporting bearers and joists upon which the decking boards are laid.

The proposed location of this deck next to a saltwater swimming pool posed a couple of problems. Exposure to saltwater can cause timber to decay faster and conventional screws or nails to rust quickly.

For these reasons, a steel frame was constructed for the deck and long-lasting composite boards were laid on top of this.

A prefabricated Steel-Deck steel floor frame has assembly instructions. Custom orders include full plans.

The HardieDeck system is similar to conventional tongue-and-groove timber flooring, but the boards are made of fibre cement and feature a receiving channel on both sides. Double-winged base jointers connect the boards. These are then screwed down to secure the boards in place. Top strips are clipped into the jointers, creating a screw-free finish.

As with cutting any concrete, stone or masonry materials, steps should be taken to suppress dust, such as using a small hand-held, diamond-bladed wet saw for dust-free cutting.

Get the Summer 2018 issue of Handyman for the full instructions for this project