Dog house

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The frame of the doghouse is made from 70 x 35mm pine, and features a timber floor. The sides are clad with pine boards and a metal roof keeps your pet warm and dry.

The first step to make the doghouse is to assemble the frame. Butt-join two 1000mm lengths and two 730mm lengths to create a 1000 x 800mm base. Use a drill driver to countersink the holes and secure with screws. Use a cordless circular saw to make cutting the timber easier.

Cut two 700mm lengths and two 800mm lengths and attach them to the base to form the uprights, joining them with 660mm pieces at the top.

Cut two 1005mm lengths with an 84 degree angle, then secure between the front and back frames to create the frame for the sloping roof.

Cut four 180mm long lengths of timber and secure them to the base at each corner to form the legs.

TIP Use a saw stand to make it easier to cut long lengths of timber

Install the timber floor, cutting the end pieces to fit around the frame, then secure in position with screws. Cut the timber cladding to size and secure it to the frame on all sides to create the walls, leaving an opening for the doorway.

Make the roof frame slightly larger than the exterior dimensions of the doghouse, then rest one end of the roof frame on the edge of the doghouse and loosely secure the other end using a 100mm batten screw on either side. This creates a hinge to allow the roof to be lifted up from the top.

Trim the roof sheets to size, then file the edges to remove burrs and secure the sheets to the roof frame.

Finally, add blankets or bedding to create a comfy home for your dog.