Get the most out of those long nights outdoors

It’s on those balmy nights where our thoughts often turn to garden lighting.

Appropriate garden lighting allows us to get that little bit more time out of being outside and enjoy summer nights to the fullest.

Quality garden lighting makes yards feel larger, more expansive and also adds mood and character to a home BBQ or party.

Creating a party atmosphere and entertaining over Christmas and summer is a breeze given the range of in-built colours and features Holman Bluetooth Garden Lights offer straight out of the box.

The garden lighting range from Holman is much more than just white light that simply illuminates a path or a plant.

The range includes cost-efficient warm white light and also RGB coloured lighting for spotlights, deck lights and path lights.

The lights connect to a central controller, which should be limited to 60W to ensure all lights are functioning at their best.

The controllers for the lights are programmed through your smartphone using the free Holman iGardener app, which features a selection of pre-set special effects to make the lights change over time.

The app is available for free download on iPhones and Android smartphones.

The iGardener app also features a timer with a ‘set and forget’ function, allowing you to program your lighting choice for a season and never touch it again saving time and money.

The colour range from the RGB spotlights are infinitely customisable via the app – meaning you can spend hours tweaking the colour palette without leaving your lawn chair.

The Australian designed and engineered lights are simple to install, safe and easily expandable for DIYers.

They are low wattage and cost efficient to run. Available at your local Bunnings store.

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