Exterior Lighting Tips

As we head into the cooler months, adding warmth and ambience through lighting can provide a much needed sense of comfort as we feel the pinch of the seasonal change.

Careful selection of outdoor lights sets the tone for the welcome your home offers to you and your guests.

Now is also a good time to boost home security as daylight saving ends, and a well-lit house is a powerful deterrent to burglars.

Select the right light

Once you’ve decided on the style and tone you want to create, the next step is to select the best type of light for each section of the yard from both an aesthetic and security perspective.

For front pathways, bulbs hung on poles or embedded in the ground work well. Wall-mounted lights are suitable for narrow driveways, or can be installed on the house facade or above the garage door for extra guidance on a dark night.

Spotlights work particularly well as a foliage accent hidden in hedges, or as focused lighting for security at the front door.

Save energy and money

To keep the cost of electricity bills down and lower your impact on the environment at the same time, choose LED lighting for your exterior.

LED bulbs are lower voltage, using as little as one-third of the energy of other globe types, and will last much longer.

Another great energy-saving option for the outdoors is to install solar-powered lights, which store up energy during the day to be released at night.

When operating your outdoor lights, connect the network to a timer or install motion sensors so the lights only function when someone approaches the house.