Expert tips For Creating A Backyard Cricket Pitch
Expert tips For Creating A Backyard Cricket Pitch


Make a cricket pitch in your backyard for a summer of fun. Image: David Derrick

Take backyard cricket to the next level by creating a specialised pitch. In this blog, Les Burdett, who was Head Curator at the Adelaide Oval for more than 40 years, shares his expert tips for creating a top-quality cricket pitch at home.

‘You don’t need to be a turf or cricket expert, or have a specific type of lawn to create a great pitch. The only tools you need are probably already lying around the house. A lawn mower, spray can of grass-friendly acrylic paint and a garbage bin or esky!’ says Les.

According to Les, a Turf Australia Ambassador, there is nothing quite like a game of backyard cricket. The Handyman team heartily agrees.

Says Les, ‘I’ve been privileged enough to travel the world making turf cricket pitches, but nothing is quite like a good old game of backyard cricket.’

Les Burdett tips for creating a backyard cricket pitch

Step 1

Select the best open space in your yard and give it a good water. Every space will have characteristics that give your cricket game its own personal character, whether it’s a shed, the hills hoist or an established tree.

Step 2

Mark out your desired pitch and mow the grass low. Use string lines for a professionally cut, straight pitch and a cylinder mower if possible, as it will provide a light roll and a beautifully manicured pitch surface. If the grass is thatchy, lower your mower’s cutting height and repeat to remove more grass.

Step 3

Mark the batting and bowling crease on the grass with either a grass-friendly spray can or create your own appropriate paint by watering down white water-based acrylic paint with 2 parts water, 1 part paint. Paint onto grass with a 25-50mm brush.