DIY Charm Bracelet

A DIY charm bracelet for children is a great way to use up an accumulation of leftover small beads. One DIY bracelet takes 20–30 minutes to make.

Make each one unique and use them traditionally as a girl’s bracelet or place them on straight-side drinking glasses at parties so guests can find their glasses after they put it down. You can also use these bracelets to dress up a pillar candle.

The finished size of a bracelet is about 5cm (2 inches) across.

Materials List (for one)

Bracelet memory wire
Assorted beads in desired colours (assorted blue, red and green beads shown)
Wire cutters
Needle (round) nose pliers
4 cm (11/2 inch) length of gold or silver small chain (optional)
Four silver head pins (optional)

Step 1

Use wire cutters to cut about 4 loops of memory wire.

Step 2

Using round-nosed pliers, make a tight coil on one end of the memory wire.

Step 3

String beads on memory wire in desired order, leaving enough room at the end to make another tight coil.

Hanging accent (optional)

Step 1

String a large bead on a head pin. Use needle nose pliers to make a loop at end of head pin and attach it to one end of chain.

Step 2

String desired beads on each head pin. Attach each to chain with a closed loop.

Step 3

Attach end of chain to a loop on one end of the bracelet.

charm bracelet on wrist, handyman magazine,
Make each charm bracelet unique and use them traditionally as a girl’s bracelet

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