Put conifers in white jugs and buckets and attach Christmas decorations

Instead of buying a tree that has been cut down and won’t survive past the new near, decorate with a living specimen that can be kept potted or planted out after Christmas.

Many small conifers can live in pots and can be brought indoors and decorated for Christmas. When the festivities are over, use them to green up a courtyard or balcony.

For an Aussie-themed Christmas, the Wollemi pine is a standout and will live happily outdoors in a large pot for the rest of the year.

A potted plant also makes an excellent gift. Box it up and decorate the outside or adorn the pot with ribbons and bows for a festive feel.

TIP Keep potted Christmas trees indoors for a maximum of three weeks and don’t forget to water them.

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An evergreen olive tree in a box makes a great gift