A mini pool is created in a small backyard space

When Handyman reader Sharon Metzl came to redo the backyard, it was the realisation of a long-held plan.

‘After renovating the house, we didn’t have the cash to do what we wanted in the backyard. Nine years and two kids later, it was time,’ she said.

The yard was just 6 x 9m but the family was set on having a pool.

‘Most people wouldn’t look at our small space and think pool. But it’s an important part of our family life, so we made it work.’

In-house designer

Sharon talked to landscapers and pool suppliers but couldn’t get a complete picture from anyone, so it became clear that she would have to design it herself. After much research, Sharon found a free design program called Sketch Up.

‘It wasn’t easy to use but once I’d worked it out we could look at all the ways to add a pool. When we hit on the design, we knew it immediately,’ she said.

Overcoming access issues

Access problems made excavation much harder than anticipated.

An elaborate system of conveyors was set up to get over 49 cubic square metres of soil out and into seven skip bins.

‘No machinery could get into the back so it all had to be hand dug. That was the hardest part,’ Sharon said.

‘The pool is only 3 x 4m pool but in such a small area, hiding the filter and pump was essential. The fountain looks great but more importantly gives us a place to hide the equipment.

‘We added an in-floor cleaning system so we didn’t need a creepy crawly and chose gas heating.’

A small backyard meant there was not a lot of space to fit a pool />

Sharon was determined to turn her small backyard space into a pool area

Dream finish

Simple plantings and an awning that covers the entire space added up to a dream finish for Sharon and family.

‘It’s everything we wanted. We use the pool year round and it gives me great pleasure looking over my lovely yard, proudly designed by Team Metzl,’ she added.