drought resistant plants

With a hot season on the way, hardy varieties will be the plants that survive. These ones retain their ornamental form while storing water, and require almost no maintenance. They especially suit lawn-free courtyard.

Spikes of colour

New Zealand flax is a modern plant with spiky, strappy leaves in purple, pink and peachy stripes popular with architectural-style gardens. Plant it in a sunny spot with good drainage.

drought resistant new zealand flax />The eye-catching New Zealand flax makes a bold statement when planted in a pot

Striking ornamental

The slow-growing agave is a succulent that thrives on lots of sunlight, well-drained soil and protection from frost. Plant in sandy ground or keep in large pots.

drought resistant slow growing agave
The slow growing agave is a sensible, low maintenance choice

Stunning flowers

Part of the agave family, the strappy-leafed yucca has rosettes
of evergreen, sword-shaped leaves and produces large clusters of white flowers. Plant in hot, dry conditions.

drought resistant strappy leafed yucca

/>Save water without sacrificing luscious displays of blooms

National icon

A creeping plant with blood-red flowers that have a prominent black bump, Sturt’s desert pea withstands extreme hot, dry conditions and light frosts when established.

stuarts dessert pea
This Australian Native evolved to survive the harshest, dry condiitons

Pretty in pink

The narrow-leaf native hop bush grows up to three metres with bright, sticky, green leaves in spring. It tolerates a wide range of conditions but prefers well-drained sandy soil.

narrow-leaf hop

/>The Narrow-leaf hop usually grows 2-3m tall and thrives in light sandy soils

Aussie classic

Sandhill wattle is a dome-shaped shrub that grows between one and four metres with bright yellow, globular flowers in spring. It likes sandy soil with minimal fertilising.

sand hill wattle

Flowers of the Sand Hill Wattle usually appear in the spring