Colour Inspiration
Colour Inspiration

When it comes to painting a room we all get impatient for the end result, but the process involves a long list of tasks and decisions to be made along the way.

After multiple visits to the hardware store, hours in the aisles pondering different shades, then filling the boot with sample pots and swatches, still you can find yourself stuck between going bold or sticking with neutral.

Is it any wonder that Antique White is the best selling interior paint colour in Australia?

Choosing a safe colour can be tempting, especially when you are eager to get the job done, but the benefits of the right paint colour should not be overlooked!

Colour has a direct effect on the way you feel, and in the home this translates to the mood of the room. The right paint colour can liven up a space, make a small room look bigger and generally show off a room to its best advantage.

When choosing paint colours, think about how the room will be used and go for colours that suit the energy you want. Shades of the same colour can enhance or decrease inherent qualities, for example soft greens are soothing and relaxing, while bright emerald greens are refreshing and renewing.

In this blog, we have compiled a gallery of beautifully painted rooms to serve as colour inspiration.

Let us know what you think of these rooms and be sure to send us pictures of your own paint inspiration!

1. Dramatic midnight blue

blue room, colour inspiration, handyman magazine,
Bright yellow chairs and a midnight blue feature wall make a bold statement

2. Soothing sea green

white couch, green wall, handyman,
A neutral couch against a sea green backdrop creates a relaxing space

3. Relaxed grey-blue

white bench against blue wall,
A panelled wall painted grey blue links the different zones in an open-plan space

4. Show-stopping red

white couch red wall, handyman magazine,
Give an eye-popping red wall a sculptural monochrome couch for real wow factor

5. Playful pink

white couch, pink wall,
For an injection of fun go pink, but think magenta not candy when choosing a shade

6. Groovy orange

grey couch, orange wall,
Go retro with a bright orange wall and rainbow rug, adding charcoal and black for a modern touch

7. Bold terracotta

orange wall next to staircase,
Team stark tiles with an earthy orange feature wall and the warm tones of a rich-grained timber

8. Stimulating green

timber desk against green wall, handyman magazine,
Energise a white and timber work space with brilliant shades of green

9. Baby Blue

light blue wall in hallway, handyman magazine,
Use pastels to create a charming ambience suited to period homes and vintage furniture

10. Sophisticated green

lamp against a green wall , handyman magazine,
Modern doesn’t mean neutral, so give minimalist built-in furniture a backdrop of deep colour

11. Modern yellow

a kitchen with yellow walls, handyman magazine,
Brighten an enclosed space and lift dark cabinetry with bold yellow

Images: Thinkstock, British Paints, Taubmans and Dulux