Australian backyards are diverse and unique to each person, with a variety of conditions, sizes, styles and functions to accommodate and choose from.

To have a vibrant, healthy and lively backyard requires regular care and attention. While choosing the right features can change the mood from a lush nature escape to a fun outdoor setting for summer night barbeques.

Whether you have a large open backyard or a small inner-city courtyard, this article will cover some best tips and some essential items to curate your ideal Aussie outdoor space.

Garden space
Having a thriving garden can bring a lovely setting of life and vibrancy to your outdoor area. Place coordinated themed plants (even better if they’re natives!) in your garden beds or plant pots to create some serenity to your outdoor space. A good option is to choose a large pot with multiple plants in it, or a nested set of different sized pots for that perfect curated look.

Image supplied by Northcote Pottery. Featuring Cement Lite Cigar Pots

Garden Care
Caring for your garden is crucial, especially during those hot Aussie summer days. Both plants and lawn need consistent watering, especially any newly planted plants. Have the correct equipment on-hand to care for your garden – a good quality hose, spray gun (one with multiple spray patterns is a bonus), and pressure sprayer for watering, pesticides and fertilising your garden space.

Hills’ selection of watering products offers quality and durability for your garden. The new Hills 6L Rechargeable Sprayer saves time and effort with its one button operation.

Hills 6L Rechargeable Sprayer

Fire Pits
As we draw closer to the end of summer and as cooler nights start to set in, prepare your outdoor space for night-time entertainment with a lovely firepit.

Roasting marshmallows over a warm fire and looking up at the stars while stories are shared are heart-warming memories many of us have with loved ones. Large, permanent fire pits can provide a centrepiece for your entertainment area but even a small portable fire pit will give your outdoor area the flexibility to be used in both summer and winter. Be sure to check your local council regulations for any restrictions first.

Image supplied by Glow, of their Cellar Fire Pit

An Iconic Clothesline
With a thriving garden and outdoor space, the next step is to double your outdoor area by adding some functionality. What better way to make the most of our hot Aussie sunshine than with a Hills clothesline!

Most Australians have fond memories of growing up and having a Hills Hoist in their parents’ or grandparents’ backyard. An Aussie staple, Hills clotheslines remain just as durable and functional today with their updated Rotary Hoist range of clotheslines.

For those in smaller spaces, a Folding Frame clothesline is a fantastic alternative to add some outdoor drying space that can be folded down, freeing up your area for when friends and family come over.

Hills 48m Rotary Hoist Clothesline

Air drying your clothes also has many benefits to you and your family. By removing the need for a machine dryer, you will cut down on your electricity usage which will save you money on your bills. Along with saving you money, air drying your clothes is much kinder on your garments and will help your favourite jumper last longer.

Implementing some of the above ideas and tips will ensure you have a thriving and exciting outdoor space for many years to come!

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Hills.