From maintaining the garden to making your dream projects a reality in the workshop, Bosch has the tools for you!

If you are just starting your power tool journey or are a well experienced DIYer, Bosch has a range of tools to help create the picture-perfect garden or to start a new project to impress all your friends.

18V Battery and Charger Range (Starter Kits)

THE battery for your home: the Bosch 18 volt POWER FOR ALL battery can be used across the entire range of Bosch DIY 18V Power Tools, Garden Tools, and Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaners. Enjoy cordless freedom outdoors, in the workshop, or in the home moving the lithium-ion battery from one tool to another in no time at all. This saves you money in the long run, as you no longer need to buy further batteries or chargers for other 18V system tools in the Bosch POWER FOR ALL range.

Create your own Bosch kit with our battery and charger starter sets. Each starter set comes with either 2.5Ah, 4.0Ah or 6.0Ah lithium-ion battery and a fast charger.

2.5Ah Starter Kit

The Bosch 18V 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Starter Kit is suitable for all Bosch Home and Garden tools in the Power for all 18 volt system.

– When charging, the 18V 2.5Ah battery is ready to go in 40 minutes or can be fully charged in 60 minutes.

4.0Ah Starter Kit

The Bosch high capacity 18V 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit is suitable with almost all Bosch Home and Garden tools in the Power for ALL 18 Volt system. Innovative lithium-ion technology and Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) from Bosch means that users can rely on a long battery lifetime.

– When charging, the 18V 4.0Ah battery is ready to go in 65 minutes or can be fully charged in 95 minutes.

In one charge the 4.0Ah Battery can:

– Cut up to 550 m edging (UniversalGrassCut 18)
– Cut up to 160 m² (EasyHedge18)
– Clean up to 3 bicycles (Fontus)
– Pump up to 30min. With a capacity of 11l / min, it thus manages 330l (GardenPump 18; for comparison: an average tank capacity is 250l)

6.0Ah Starter Kit

The Bosch high capacity 18V 6.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit is suitable with almost all Bosch Home & Garden tools in the Power for ALL 18 volt system. The high density battery provides maximum runtime and is ideal for large and demanding projects like grinding and sanding applications.

– When charging, the 18V 6.0Ah battery is ready to go in 96 minutes or can be fully charged in 130 minutes.

In one charge the 6.0Ah Battery can:

– Have up to 40 minutes of vacuuming (Unlimited)
– Cut up to 82 cuts (AdvancedGrind 18; Ø 12mm steel)
– Mow up to 300m² of lawn (CityMower 18)
– Clean to 60 minutes (Fontus)


For all those Dream Projects in the Workshop

(18V Cordless Angle Grinder)

Enjoy safe, smooth tool operation thanks to the soft start, brake function, and quick adjust guard. With electronic speed preselection, the speed of the grinder tool can be adjusted perfectly to meet the needs of each job and material. The AdvancedGrind 18 is designed for grinding, cutting, brushing, and polishing jobs on metal, stone, concrete blocks, and tiles. The grinder discs can simply be changed, without additional tools changes take less than 12 seconds thanks to the quick-clamping nut.

UniversalDrill 18

(18V Cordless Drill)

The Bosch UniversalDrill 18 is an ideal all-rounder and is the right choice for any drilling or screwdriving applications. With two gears that can be switched smoothly, this lightweight and powerful drill/driver perfectly meets the demands of many jobs. Always use the right amount of power on every task thanks to the 20 different torque settings and a maximum power setting. The two-speed planetary gearbox ensures a long service life and gets the jobs completed quickly. It is a full drill/driver solution including a 1.5Ah 18V Battery and Charger.


For the Picture Perfect Garden

City Mower

(18V Lawnmower)

The CityMower 18 is a lightweight cordless lawnmower designed for easy urban lawn-care. Featuring Bosch’s powerful 18 V battery with advanced battery management system supporting a longer runtime, users can enjoy cordless freedom without sacrificing power or efficiency. The 18V battery can be used across the 18V POWER FOR ALL cordless system. Ergoflex handles support a healthy, comfortable posture while working. The handles also feature a lever control with a 3-step cutting height range of 30-60 mm for easy selection of the lawn height.

Fontus Gen 2

The Fontus is unlike traditional high pressure washers, 15 L water tank and an 18 V battery means you don’t need any connections to water and electricity mains. With ultimate versatility and mobility, the Fontus is a must have for cleaning those tricky to reach areas around the home or on-the-go such as camping, trips to the beach. The integrated 15 litre tank can clean up to three muddy bikes before a refill is needed. The Fontus Gen 2 has an improved PSI of 290 vs Fontus Gen 1 PSI of 218.

High Pressure Washers

Our impressive range of high pressure washers offer effortless cleaning for a wide range of jobs. Push-fit connections and in-use gun storage make cleaning simple. Ideal for cars, patios, and garden furniture.

The EasyAquatak 100 is lightweight yet robust for an efficient cleaning performance. This water blaster is easy to manoeuvre and store due to its compact design and accessory storage. The motor pump produces quick and effortless 1100 W / 1450 PSI cleaning performance. Cleaning cars, patios, and garden furniture is easy with a 100 PSI cleaning power. Perfect for the smaller cleaning tasks, use the EasyAquatak 100 on your car, bicycle, or garden furniture. The high-pressure washer is supplied with a 360° gun. This is particularly useful when you need to clean dirt from hard-to-reach places.

Our AdvancedAquatak 140 offers the ideal performance to tackle biggest jobs with even the most stubborn dirt. A powerful 2100 W / 2030 PSI pump and a selection of included nozzles, it offers versatile cleaning performance. Its new compact four-cylinder Quad pump produces the extra power you need to get any job done, while its durable design ensures it is really built to last. The high-pressure hose reel makes set-up stress-free, and the metal telescopic handle and large wheels makes for greater mobility. The AdvancedAquatak 140 cleans hard, persistent dirt on a range of surfaces, including large cars, patios, exterior walls, and driveways.

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Bosch.