With Father’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to buy a gift for Dad. Whether Dad is just starting out on his first DIY project or considers himself a bit of a home and garden handyman, let Bosch help you select the perfect tool and make Dad the star this Father’s Day.

Voted Reader’s Digest Most Trusted DIY Power Tools and Garden Tools Brand for 2021, Bosch provides reliable, quality tools that bring your projects to life. Buy a present this year that will last the test of time: Indoor or outdoor, Bosch has you covered with the perfect gift for dad! From Drilling to Cutting, Measuring to Mowing, tidying up the garden and everything in between!

The DIY Dabbler

If he’s just dipping his toes into the world of DIY – give Dad the tools to feed his newfound inspiration. With our selection of simple, intuitive tools, you might even convince him to finish one of those bucket-list projects.

– Bosch’s IXO VI (Black version) enables users to gain full control over all DIY screwdriving tasks with infinitely variable speed control to perfectly match the pace of each and every job. Say goodbye to splintered wood, damaged screws, and over-spin on screw heads by simply matching speeds to each material.

– The CityMower 18 is a lightweight cordless lawnmower designed for easy urban lawn-care. Featuring Bosch’s powerful 18 V battery with advanced battery management system supporting a longer runtime, users can enjoy cordless freedom without sacrificing power or efficiency. The 18V battery can be used across the 18V POWER FOR ALL cordless system. Ergoflex handles support a healthy, comfortable posture while working. The handles also feature a lever control with a 3-step cutting height range of 30-60 mm for easy selection of the lawn height.

The Great Outdoorsman

Whether your Dad loves a bit of backyard sports and adventure, grows a prize-winning vegetable garden or simply enjoys keeping things neat and tidy, our Lawn and Garden range has a solution for every task.

Keep your garden tidy with ease

All corded and cordless Bosch Hedge Cutters are lightweight and powerful – ideal for shaping and maintaining hedges of any size with easy handling.

– The EasyHedgeCut 18-45 is perfect for maintaining and trimming small and medium-sized hedges. It is exceptionally lightweight at 2.3 kg with an ergonomic design for comfortable handling in various working positions, for reduced strain on the upper body when completing longer tasks. The Anti-Blocking System changes the direction of the blade when met with resistance, allowing Dad to make clean, continuous cuts without frustrating setbacks such as stalling on a difficult branch.

The Bosch High Pressure Washers everyone needs

Bosch’s impressive Aquatak High-Pressure Washers offer effortless cleaning for a wide range of jobs, from light to heavy duty, around the home. Push-fit connections and in-use gun storage make cleaning simple. Our High-Pressure Washers have impressive performance and are effective for cleaning. Ideal for cars, patios, and garden furniture and a perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day.

– The EasyAquatak 120 is lightweight yet robust for effortless cleaning performance. This high-pressure washer is easy to manoeuvre and store due to its compact design and accessory storage. Cleaning cars, patios, and garden furniture is easy with a 120-bar cleaning power and a choice of Variable Fan Jet and Rotary Nozzles.

– The UniversalAquatak 140 offers the ideal performance to tackle even the most stubborn dirt. A range of nozzles and a 140-bar pump offer versatile cleaning power. The high-pressure hose reel makes set-up stress-free. The AdvancedAquatak 140 cleans hard, stubborn dirt on a range of surfaces, including large cars, patios, and driveways.

Your new MUST HAVE Air Pump

The new EasyPump is great for the car, bikes and balls with intuitive and easy to use small design and big display. With everything ready at hand, key adapters are neatly stored in the tool handle. The EasyPump enables inflation of up to 150 PSI with real-time measurement and an autostop function. This is deal for inflating tyres (car, motorcycle, bikes), balls, and smaller water sports equipment.

The Seasoned Veteran

For the Dad who considers himself ‘the master’ of all things DIY. Choose from a selection of heavy-duty tools to power through projects that go beyond the beginner’s everyday task.

The UniversalImpact 18 is a powerful, lightweight, and compact combi drill that provides the ideal mix of power and versatility. The UniversalImpact 18V is a DIY Dad’s best friend and the go-to tool for all projects, designed for drilling and screwdriving in wood and metal, as well as for impact drilling in masonry.

– For impressive yet quiet mowing, the AdvancedRotak 36-750 lawnmower is a hefty 36V battery-operated powerhouse that can tackle even the largest of Australian backyards without the noisy nuisance of a typical mower. The ProSilence feature reduces sound omitted by up to 30% and filters out unpleasant noise through its acoustically enhanced design features. Apart from mowing, the LeafCollect blade can also be used to gather, shred, and distribute leaves into the grass bag for simple collection and disposal. Easily adjustable ErgoSlide Handles ensure a more healthy and comfortable posture. Height can be adjusted in 7 stages from 25 mm to 80 mm with one simple button, making the job much more comfortable for Dads of all shapes and sizes.

– Handle a range of DIY jobs on metal and stone while taking advantage of cordless freedom with the AdvancedGrind 18 angle grinder. The powerful motor and 18 V battery are ready to tackle a variety of tasks. With electronic speed preselection, the tool speed can be adjusted perfectly to meet the needs of each job and material. Enjoy smooth tool operation thanks to the soft start, brake function, and quick adjust guard. It is designed for grinding, cutting, brushing, and polishing jobs on metal, stone, concrete blocks, and tiles. Simple, tool-free disc changes take less than 12 seconds.

This a sponsored article produced in partnership with Bosch.