Are you looking at renovating your bathroom? It is one of the most expensive rooms to transform as it requires the plumber and electrician plus all of the expensive fittings, so you want to make sure you get it right. Here are some useful guidelines:

Make the room as bright as possible

Look at using light colours on the walls and surfaces, bright lights and big mirrors. This will make the room feel more spacious and less claustrophobic. Install a glass shower screen and suddenly the room is not divided into two by a shower curtain.

Avoid trends

‘Of the moment’ tiles, designer basins and tubs will surely date, so a safer choice is to choose something YOU like, not what is popular. Don’t be swayed by what is popular on ‘The Block’ or similar renovation show, as these trends will pass and you may regret having been bamboozled into committing to the current trend.

Inject some personality

Keep the wall and floor tiles plain and add splashes of colour with towels and accessories. You can always change these at little cost for a new look. Here’s the perfect place to follow current trends and then to switch it up when the next trend comes to town!

Create space

Hide the loo cistern in a cavity wall. Consider a sliding door instead of a swing door as this doesn’t take up floor space. Build-in wall storage to replace space-hogging floor cabinets. Position towel rails in a location so it’s not the first thing you see. Leave one wall in the room without anything hanging on it as hanging things on a wall visually brings the wall in. Long benchtops in a small room make the space feel expansive and luxurious. Little boxy cabinets and medicine cupboards look bitsy and use space inefficiently.

Add something special

Select a feature for your bathroom to inject colour and personality to become a focal point and a point of difference. Consider using a feature tile on the floor and continue it up on one wall. Imagine a chocolate brown tile on the floor continuing up the wall. Suddenly space is not visually broken up by different surface colours, and space feels larger. TIP Ensure the tiles are suitable for flooring! And, how about that sink? Here’s an opportunity to add something really special…You can afford to inject some personality through something unusual, and create a real feature and wow factor to your bathroom.

Have you noticed the lack of variety available at retail outlets for bathroom sinks that are not WHITE… and a bit plain? Retail customers are not offered the option to buy something a little different. But, there are designs available to suit anyone’s decor from sleek and modern to classic and hand-crafted. Here are some options offered by Unique Sinks:

Moroccan Magic

There are few places as exotic, mysterious and magnificent as Morocco. Why not have a touch of this in your own home? The exquisite hand-painted Moroccan Bathroom Basins from Unique Sinks are full of handmade charm. Although the actual sink is glazed and sealed perfectly, the painted design is not some cookie-cutter or printed design. No two are the same.

When you think of it, you can almost smell the aroma of spices from the souks, and picture the beautiful architecture, lanterns, coloured glass and arches. The diversity of cultures that have melded to create this unique look include the Arabs, Berbers, Europeans and neighbouring countries.

The awesome colourful fabrics, intricate carvings and arched doorways are totally unique and the style is often replicated around the world for those wishing to add ‘a touch of the exotic.’ Unique Sinks is proud to offer our magnificent Moroccan hand painted basins, to give you the opportunity to add an exotic touch to your home.

Gorgeous Glass

Robust sinks made from tempered glass are solid and come in a multitude of shapes and colours. You can see muted colours or even some ‘out-there’ designs which become a highlighted feature. Maybe you want a rainforest theme in your bathroom … and our glass leaf-shape basin is the perfect fit. Whatever your taste and style, there are many options to select from.

Gemstone Sinks

Unique Sinks also carries a most exquisite collection of luxurious décor made of semi-precious stones. Our vessel basins are truly magical with their lustrous appearance. Choose between magnificent MALACHITE with its unique design of glowing green pattern, LAPIS LAZULI with its intense blue colouring, or TIGER’S EYE for its dynamic shimmering effect. They are incredibly special, and give an opulent and sumptuous look.

Mother of Pearl Basins

Shimmering and stunning, these can add a real feature to your bathroom. Mother of pearl is a composite material produced by molluscs and the outer coating of these sinks are strong and resilient. There are white, chequerboard and dark versions to select from.

Mexican Hand-painted Sinks

These artistic sinks are moulded and painted by hand, and may have slight variations which add to their appeal. They are made of ceramic and fired twice: once before they are decorated, and a second time after they are glazed. Talavera colours and shine will not fade with proper care.

Around 8 centuries ago, Arabs moved into North Africa, then into Europe. Their glazed designs on ceramics, known as Majolica, were made with pigments on raw or unfired glaze. Majolica was introduced in Mexico in the 1700s when Spanish monks brought over artisans from Talavera de La Reina in Spain.

The Mexican craftsmen blended the Majolica process with their own interpretation resulting in their own art forms and colours. Their product became to be known as Talavera. The Talavera produced in certain workshops in Puebla is now officially designated, recognised and protected by the Government of Mexico. These exclusive sink designs are made in the traditional Talavera technique.

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