Look around and you’ll soon see with all new master-built houses, main bedrooms are going from the standard three-by-four-metre space into spectacular master suites with posh finishes, additional living spaces and luxurious accessories and decor. They will include parents’ retreats, glamorous walk-in wardrobes and amazing ensuites. These luxurious master suites are becoming more sought-after, especially in high-end homes.

These spaces become a beautiful room to indulge in, not just a room to sleep in. As well, they are a great place to get away from children, or house guests.

When selling, these sanctuaries can easily increase the value of your property, and in fact, can be a determining factor to purchase by the buyer.

You will want to include luxurious window furnishings, great lighting, quality carpets or flooring, good ventilation and well-designed wardrobes. Try to combine both style and function for the best result.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the room to make an expansive master suite. Perhaps it is an option to extend (check with your council!) Or maybe you can consider reconfiguring your current floorplan and take in underused spaces and create a better traffic flow.

Of course this is not usually an issue with new-builds as they are probably already on the floorplan. Apartment dwellers are more restricted but you may be able to be creative and absorb a cupboard, or unused robe into the plan.

Whatever you decide, the first and foremost thing to do is to consider how you will use the room. Are you the type to luxuriate in a freestanding bath with a glass of champagne? Will you enjoy morning coffee and the Sunday paper on the private deck, or will you catch up on your latest Netflix binge in bed? Or are you the type to get up and get going, just to crash at night? It’s important to think this through so the plumbing and electricity are installed precisely where they are required.

For the ensuite, look at space saving storage, clean lines and luxurious finishes. It’s all about size and scale, creating a visually appealing, inviting, indulgent space. Top-of-the-line fixtures and finishes are where the big bucks are usually spent. Don’t be in a hurry to go to the larger hardware retailers for off-the-shelf tiles, vanities, sinks and baths. Try to find a balance between practicality and style.

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An installed Moroccan sink

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