Whether you are just starting out with DIY and gardening or you are a well-seasoned veteran of all things DIY, Bosch has created the perfect list to make gifting easy this holiday season!

For the home projects

1. IXO 6 Screwdriver

The latest and greatest model from our longstanding IXO Screwdriver series, the IXO 6 enables users to gain full control over all DIY screwdriving tasks. The variable speed control perfectly matches the pace of each job. Say goodbye to splintered wood, damaged screws, and over-spin on screw heads by simply matching speeds to each material. From a blower for stoking barbecues, to a wine bottle opener and spice mill, these attachments enhance every occasion. Our number one selling IXO is for anyone of any DIY ability to use for all those little projects to be done in time for Christmas.

2. Gluey & Accessories

The Bosch Gluey opens the door to endless possibilities to bring creativity to life. Its compact and convenient design makes gluing fun. The ergonomic shape also provides an added level of comfort and an enjoyable grip while working. When gluing, attaching, or repairing items quickly, the glue pen offers cordless freedom with environmentally friendly rechargeable AA batteries.

– Fast heat up time of only one minute: The quick start feature allows glue to heat up quickly in only one minute. Start projects quickly with the innovative fast-heating PTC element.
– Use coloured and glitter glue for personal touches: Enjoy a vibrant selection of unique glue effects.
– More flexibility in your gluing projects: Without any cables getting in your way, an everyday hero for cordless working when gluing.
– Long lasting: A single battery charge is enough for Gluey to work with up to 60 mini glue sticks.
– Simply discover creative possibilities for craft and art projects: can be used with wood, fabric, leather, or other materials.

A range of accessories is available including transparent, colour mix, glitter mix and colour Pop mix.

3. GlassVAC Solo Plus

From dirty glass to condensation, tackle even more applications with the GlassVAC. This cordless 3.6V window vacuum utilises existing Bosch expertise from the automotive sector. The patented “power protection plus” rubber coating ensures streak-free results and quicker cleaning time, without any annoying, squeaking sounds. Clean and dry surfaces to perfection with one device, which can be used indoors and outdoors in the kitchen, bathroom, house exterior, car and more.

4. EasyPump

Our new EasyPump is great for the car, bikes and balls with intuitive and easy to use small design and big display. With everything ready at hand, key adapters are neatly stored in the tool handle. The EasyPump enables inflation of up to 150 PSI with real-time measurement and an autostop function. This is ideal for inflating tyres (car, motorcycle, bikes), balls, and smaller water sports equipment.

5. UniversalVac 18

The UniversalVac18 has a lightweight ergonomic design and is ideal for quick clean up tasks. A versatile accessory set ensures it can handle a variety of jobs while the battery power makes it perfect for cleaning a vehicle’s interior as well as for use all over the home. Be sure to tidy those last minute messes before your guests arrive with the UniversalVac18.

6. Drill Bit Accessory set (48 piece)

The 48-piece Bosch V-Line Set is for drilling and screwing and contains basic equipment for all drilling and fastening tasks in the home and garden. Thanks to the clear arrangement in the case, the tedious search for the right accessories is finally a thing of the past. The set contains both durable and precise drill bits for various materials as well as screwdriver bits in the most common screw head shapes and sizes.

For the picture framing

1. Atino

Whilst you’re hanging up your Christmas decorations, don’t forget to also hang up that wall art you have been meaning to do all year! The clever Bosch Atino measuring tool combines all relevant functionalities of a line laser and distance measure in one and features an integrated 1.5-m measuring tape so you can align and secure objects without any additional help. The projection of the laser line onto the wall, making this a truly one person operation when hanging up pictures or railings. Gone are the days of the laser being blocked by a body in front of it. The convenient gel pad can be fixed on smooth and insensitive surfaces, such as tiles and marble. When it comes to rough surfaces or wallpaper, the pin plate with the two small pins is the ideal attachment solution.

2. Quigo Green

Enjoy maximum visibility with the Quigo Green cross-line laser. Simply slide the one-slider up to project the self-levelling laser cross onto walls for precise work. The Quigo is up to four times more visible than red lasers thanks to its green laser diodes that provide high visibility even in bright lighting conditions.

3. Zamo Set

The handy Zamo Distance Measure is ideal for fast, precise measuring and calculations with ease. Quickly measure and record the space of your living room, calculations for paint volume, furniture dimensions or even fabric requirements in distances up to 20m with Bosch Laser Technology. No need to waste time getting out your tape measure and writing down measurements either, the Zamo does this for you with in-built recording feature and square-meterage calculation. The set attachments include a wheel adapter for curved and irregular surfaces, line adapter for levelling objects and a tape adapter that precisely measures circumferences and freestanding objects.


For the garden tidy up

1. EasyPrune

One of Bosch’s most highly praised gardening tools, the EasyPrune cordless secateurs make everyday gardening tasks difficulty-free. Using Power Assist Technology to save tired, sore hands, the EasyPrune will assist in completing a clean and effortless cut for you, preventing hand strains. The motor kicks in when the tool senses resistance from stems and branches. From pruning flowers, to trimming hedges or cutting back shrubs – the EasyPrune enables you cut branches up to 25 millimetres in diameter with ease.

2. EasyShear

Enjoy efficient performance and the ergonomic design when trimming young hedges and shrubs with the EasyShear. Use this versatile shear with the shrub blade to easily trim and maintain shrubs. With an integrated 3.6V lithium-ion battery, this lightweight shear delivers optimum performance with cordless freedom and easy handling. The shear is ideal for trimming shrubs, hedges and can even be used to trim the edges on your lawn!

3. GardenPump 18

The cordless GardenPump 18 is the ultimate irrigation system for your garden. Suitable for all styles of garden rainwater tanks, the cordless garden pump provides faster and more effective watering around the garden. Start by setting up the Battery Control Unit, which can be conveniently hooked right onto the tank or attached to the wall. Then simply submerge the Rainwater Pump in the tank and attach a garden hose and spray gun or sprinkler system. This Rainwater Pump is the perfect natural money-saver and does its part to help out the planet too!

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Bosch.