Home renovation projects, especially if you’re remodelling your backyard, can take a lot of work. Fortunately, there are many tools and equipment that you can use to make the work a lot easier and quicker. However, you shouldn’t forget about using heavy equipment, especially when working on a major backyard renovation project as they offer more benefits than you may think.

Here are some benefits of hiring or using heavy equipment when doing backyard renovations.

1. Efficiency

Even with our competence which allows us to do anything we set our minds to, our abilities are still limited. This is the reason tools and machinery were invented in the first place, to help make things a lot easier for us.

Using heavy equipment for your backyard renovation projects can help make the whole work a lot easier and quicker. Work will be done more efficiently because you don’t have to rely on your hands alone. However, using heavy equipment comes at a cost as it usually comes with a high asking price.

But, if you can afford to hire heavy equipment for your backyard renovation project, you can do tasks that humans alone will never be able to do such as:

Carry heavy loads – This includes cement, steel, wood and other heavy materials that you need for the backyard renovation project. It’s impossible to carry all of these by yourself, so you need to hire heavy equipment to move all the heavy stuff for you.

Manage sewer and drainage problems – If you need to dig a dry well or create a new drainage system in your backyard, it’ll be much easier with heavy equipment.

Level your backyard – We all know that landscaping your lawn can significantly increase the value of your property. But, to do that, you’ll first need to level the soil in your backyard. This is when heavy equipment such as the mini-excavator becomes really handy. With a mini excavator, you can easily turn over the soil in your backyard so that the nutrients stay above and allow your plants and flowers to grow healthy.

2. Less maintenance and repair costs

When you own construction equipment, you’ll also have to consider its maintenance and repair costs. Although you’re still required to use the heavy equipment that you hired with care, there’ll be no maintenance and repair costs for you. You also don’t have to know everything about proper heavy equipment maintenance such as changing the engine oil filter. You can, however, check out the Fortis blog if you wish to understand how such works. After all, heavy equipment needs upkeep and proper maintenance to ensure that they operate safely at an optimal level at all times.

By hiring heavy equipment, you don’t need to bother yourself about the time and labour costs associated with the repairs and maintenance of the equipment. You won’t have to worry about buying heavy equipment parts. If you eventually find yourself, however, purchasing heavy equipment and needing parts, there are those which are available on sites like FortisHD.

Although heavy equipment is expectedly heavy-duty, it pays to ensure that the equipment you hired is in good condition. When you consider hiring heavy equipment, it’s best to check the equipment thoroughly before you rent it, as you never know what condition it is in or if the rental company has kept it properly maintained. You want to ensure that you are getting the best price for the equipment so that the benefits of renting are maximized.

Excavator removes the grass layer

3. Gets the job done the first time

All home renovation projects can be costly, so you definitely don’t want to have to redo the work because everything didn’t go as planned. You’ll want the work do be done perfectly on the first try.

By hiring heavy equipment for your home renovation projects, you can ensure that all work is done well. There’ll be no compromise, especially when it comes to heavy materials. While it’s true that hiring heavy equipment may be costly, having to do redo an entire project is definitely a lot more costly.

4. Faster work

Even if you hired the most skilled and experienced contractors, they can’t be as fast and efficient as heavy equipment. Heavy equipment is designed to make work easier for people. It doesn’t matter if the contractors you hired are the most skilled because they’ll eventually get tired and need some rest.

But, if you hire heavy equipment, your contractors won’t be exerting as much as effort when they rely on their skills alone. They’ll only need to operate the heavy equipment so that it can do its task, which reduces downtime as your contractors won’t have to rest too much in between.

5. Save time and money

Hiring professional contractors or workers to work on your backyard renovation can also be very costly. When you hire contractors, you’ll have to pay them on an hourly basis. If you don’t use heavy equipment, the work will take days or even weeks before the job is done.

The longer the workers work, the more you’ll have to pay for them. This won’t be a problem if you have set a budget for paying workers, but if the actual work takes longer to finish than in the original plan, you might go over your budget.

6. No need to study how to use heavy equipment

One of the biggest benefits of hiring heavy equipment is that you don’t have to take time out of your schedule to learn how to use it. Some kinds of equipment require additional certification before you can operate them safely, and this is often more costly than if you simply went to a local shop and rented the equipment.

Owning the equipment means learning about it as well as operating it properly. When you rent the equipment, you can simply get it to your house and start using it. You don’t need to undergo any training.

Final thoughts

Owning heavy equipment is time-consuming and difficult to learn on your own, which means it can often be much more affordable to simply rent rather than buy. Be sure to talk with several different companies before making your final decision on what equipment to rent.

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with ForistHD.