Adding a patio to your backyard is the first step to making significant use of how you use your backyard and its aesthetic, not to mention it also opens up a load of opportunities for you to get creative with its design. The beauty of building a patio in your backyard is that you have the freedom to go wild! Whether you want a hammock, firepit, pizza oven or jacuzzi, you can put whatever you want in it. But if you’ve built the patio and are now struggling with ideas to finish it up, here are 7 DIY ideas that should give you some inspiration. 

Why build a Patio

There’s a lot one can do with their backyard, and granted they have enough space, so why build a patio? Patios are the perfect structure to unify your backyard and your house. They provide a suitable transition from inside to outside and offer you the perfect area to enjoy the outdoors while still having some of the comforts from inside. 

They’re also pretty versatile. You can turn a patio into an entertainment area, another lounge, or even a gym if you wish, too. Overall, patios open your home up to new possibilities. 

7 DIY Patio Ideas

For those of us who enjoy getting our hands a little dirty, doing DIY is a good refresher away from work. Here are some ways you can kit out your Patio with DIY projects:

1. Install a Fire Pit

At number 1, we have installed a fire pit. Fire pits are the perfect place to gather around as a family or when you have friends over. There’s nothing like cozying up next to a fireplace and enjoying a good social time with mates. 

There are a few different ways to build a fire pit. You could do it from concrete, brick, or even metal. Some people even take a truck rim as the drum for the pit. The possibilities are endless. Before building your fire pit, though, maybe get some expert advice from a contractor just to ensure you do it correctly and safely. 

2. Build a Pizza Oven

Building a pizza oven is also another great DIY build, and it’s an awesome feature to have in your home. When done right, a Pizza oven will be a significant improvement to any patio, offering warmth like a heater and the smokey delicious flavour of a wood-fired pizza! There are many designs that you can choose from. Some people go for a stainless steel pizza oven that just needs to be installed, while others prefer to build it up from scratch with bricks. Either way, nothing beats a good homemade pizza, right?

3. Add a pergola

Want to optimise natural light and airflow with your patio? Add a pergola. These uniquely designed structures add a touch of elegance to your home, and as a bonus, they can be customised to fit the style you want. 

4. Build a barbeque area

An afternoon Barbie is ingrained into Australian culture! We love it! Having a patio with a roof means that you can barbeque come rain or shine. But we can take things one step further. Build yourself a built-in barbeque area, fully kitted with everything you need to have the family or friends over for an epic barbecue. What’s nice about building your own barbeque is that there are so many designs to choose from. We’d suggest building one that’s slightly larger so you can cook more on it at a time. 

5. Install a small bar

Having an amazing outside area to chill in and relax after work is amazing, but when you have to walk up and down to the kitchen to fetch things, it kind of defeats the purpose. A convenient solution to this issue is building a small bar that can sit out of the way on your patio. You can add a small fridge to it so you have everything you need to effectively relax after a long day.

6. Build a Sofa

The comfort of a good sofa blends perfectly with a patio. While you can go out and buy one, there’s also the option to build one and add a mattress or cushion to it. Take a look around at common patio furniture to get ideas. This might even be a good project for you and your kids to take on if you’re that sort of family. 

7. Install Canvas Blinds

Open patios are prone to getting smacked by the wind. But there is a solution to this. You can install canvas blinds on either side of your patio that can open and close, providing you the protection you need from the wind. What’s even better is that these dropdown blinds will also be amazing in winter, making your patio feel warmer and cosier. 

Final Thoughts

There are loads more DIY projects out there that you can take on when it comes to designing and sorting out your patio. All you need is a little bit of imagination and some knowledge around construction or DIY work, and you’re good to go!

All images: Supplied. 

In collaboration with Fair Dinkum Builds.