Most popular handy hints, crates mounted in laundry, Handyman Magazine
Turn crates into laundry cubbies

A few months ago, we wrote a blog listing the most popular handy hints and tips according to our readers and Facebook friends.

These simple life hacks are great because they solve problems everyone has using common household items.

Here is a list of 6 of our most popular DIY hints, tips and tricks.


1. Hang groceries in the car

grocery bags hanging off a bungee cord in the backboot of a car,
A bungee cord will stop groceries from spilling all over the boot

2. Use s-hooks for storage

Use s-hooks to hang cleaning tools in your cupboards

3. Carry screws with ease

Turn a pool noodle into a portable screw holder

4. Store fishing rods up above

fishing rods hanging from wire shelving
An ingenious way to store fishing rods in the workshop

5. Keep sandpaper organised

sandpaper in a filer, handyman magazine, handy hint
Prevent sandpaper from becoming crushed and ruined by filing it in a folder

6. Upcycle milk crates to create storage

Blue milk crates mounted to laundry wall
Don’t throw away spare crates, turn them into storage cubbies

The Handyman Staff