There’s Such a Thing as Too Much Detergent

Do you use detergent rather liberally? Well, take care because too much can actually damage your clothing.

Overusing detergent, particularly stronger concentrate, can cause colours to fade, as well as attract more dirt and dust to your garments. This happens because excess detergent will cling to your clothing after the wash, creating a film which particles will grab onto.

As a general rule, a tablespoon of detergent is just right.

Invest in a Quality Clothesline!

A high-quality clothesline will go a long way towards drying your clothes quickly and effectively. Hills clotheslines have been helping Aussies for decades and expert research has led us to the very best in clothesline engineering.

Hanging your clothing on a Hills Hoist or on a Retracting Clothesline, will ensure it is spaced properly, won’t sag, and will maximise airflow for rapid drying.

Choosing the right clothesline to match your space at home is vital for efficient drying and saving you hassle once those wet clothes are ready to be hung up. From the classic Hills hoist rotary, Folding Frame and Retracting clothesline, Hills has you covered for years to come!
View their handy video on choosing the right kind of clothesline for your space on their website by clicking below.

Get It Out… Quick!

We’ve all dragged our heels a little when it’s time to hang up the washing. However, leaving your shirt in the washing machine or dryer is a sure-fire way to create a wrinkled mess.

A tangle of shirts can be much more difficult to sort through and separate when your washing has dried, so get onto it quickly. A speedy response will make the process more bearable and help prevent wrinkles.

Hang Your Clothes Right

Hanging your shirts properly after a wash can actually minimise wrinkles after the drying process. It’s important to ensure that they are hung evenly, with seams straight and collars smoothed out.

A great clothesline, along with quality pegs, will go a long way toward keeping your clothes in place. That means they’ll dry quickly and remain smooth until you remove them from the line. The Hills range includes exceptional clotheslines, as well as strong, long-lasting pegs.

The way you hang your shirts also applies to the wardrobe! Try to keep adequate space between each shirt so that they don’t become tangled up and create further wrinkles. Quality clothes hangers will help keep your shirt in shape, while it’s hanging in your closet.

A Quality Ironing Board

If your ironing board has wrinkles, your shirts are going to have wrinkles too! What’s more, an unstable ironing board will bounce around while you’re trying to smooth out your shirts, making it pretty tough to remove those wrinkles.

This is why you need a high-quality ironing board to get the best results and blast those wrinkles away. A good quality ironing board is sturdy but lightweight, giving you the perfect platform to iron your shirts with confidence, while easily moving it to your favourite ironing spot at home. Check out Hills’ award-winning ironing boards, which are a result of years of innovative design. They also come in a range of sizes, meaning there’s something for everyone.

When in Doubt, Spray

Ironing your shirts is one thing, but using enough water is something else. If you’re struggling to smooth out those wrinkles, don’t be afraid to use the spray trigger liberally. This will ensure the fabric is more malleable and it will be easier to keep your shirts looking crisp.

If your iron isn’t equipped with an inbuilt spray feature, simply take a spray bottle and moisten as you go.

We’re positive these tips will help you dress to impress with crisp, wrinkle-free shirts.

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This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Hills.