3 DIY Coffee Tables With Added Storage
3 DIY Coffee Tables With Added Storage

Finding enough storage in the home is a constant struggle. Especially when you are determined to keep the things looking stylish and some degree of free space available.

One way to create added storage without using extra room is to ensure furniture pieces have storage options. Think couches with under-seat storage, under-bed storage, dining tables with drawers and so on.

While bigger items are obvious choices for added storage, smaller furniture items like coffee tables can also provide much needed space.

In this blog we list 3 DIY coffee tables that include added storage.

1. Mobile Coffee Table

mobile coffee table, handyman magazine,
Create a compact storage system for the living room in a few hours.

2. Two-Drawer Coffee Table

two-drawer coffee table, handyman magazine,
This space-saving coffee table is also a neat storage unit

3. Turn A Door Into A Coffee Table

turn a door into a coffee table, handyman magazine,
Recycle a bedroom door into a coffee table with storage