12 ultimate DIY ideas for the year ahead
Handyman Magazine

Make 2019 the year of DIY by making a commitment to complete jobs you have been putting off, and then some. Now we know it’s all well and good to resolve to do more DIY but that doesn’t mean the workshop will be actually be seeing more action than usual. To help inspire and keep you on track, we’ve created a list of 12 DIY ideas that you can complete this year, one for every month.

Add these jobs to your calendar and by this time next year, you could have all these projects under your belt.

1. January

lay easy maintenance decking, handyman  magazine, Lay Easy Maintenance Decking

2. February

raised garden bed, handyman magazine, Build A Raised Garden Bed

3. March

paint a room, handyman magazine, How To Paint A Room

4. April

install french doors, handyman magazine, Install French Doors

5. May

freshly clad shed, handyman magazine, How To Clad A Timber Shed

6. June

replace a kitchen benchtop, handyman magazine, How To Replace A Kitchen Benchtop

7. July

poker table, handyman magazine, DIY, Build A Poker Table

8. August

lay bathroom tiles, handyman magazine, Lay Bathroom Tiles

9. September

lay a new lawn , handyman magazine, Lay A New Lawn

10. October

how to grow passionfruit, handyman magazine, How To Grow Passionfruit

11. November


12. December

build adirondack chairs, handyman magazine, Build Adirondack Chairs