man using ipad

Smartphones are par for the course these days and the number of apps that are available to make life easier now seems limitless. The Handyman team have spent time road testing apps that DIYers can use during projects and home renovations.

Here’s our run-down of 10 apps every DIYer should check out.

1. TradeEzi

Free for iPhone, iPad and Android

A go-to app for when a home reno requires a pro, as it makes getting quotes from service providers easy. Take a photo, describe what you want done, then hit send to list the job with local tradies. It helps you pick the right person for the task, as you can view insurances, licenses, memberships and feedback, then it connects you with the tradie you choose.

2. Paint My Place

Free for iPhone and iPad

Picking a colour by holding up tiny samples against a wall is tricky. This app makes it simple and lets you get on with the job of painting without a colour-choice hangover. Upload an image of the room, then paint it virtually to see how the colour works. You have access to 15 brand-name colours, but for the full range of 30,000 from 35 brands, it will cost you $3.

3. Build Bits

Free for iPhone, iPad and Android

Do the environment a favour and help your hip pocket with this app. It provides tradies and DIYers with an online marketplace, where they can buy and sell surplus materials. You can peruse the available goods and contact the seller directly, or take a snapshot of what you want to sell with your phone, pick a price and provide a small description.

4. Sun seeker 3D

$9 for iPhone and $8 for Android

Great if you’re organising outdoor shading, solar panel installation or deciding on window locations, the Sun Seeker app uses GPS and magnetometer functions to find the correct solar position and path for your location. It creates a map view with solar direction arrows and elevations for each hour of the day and lets you track the sun’s path on specific days.

5. Spirit Level 3RD

Free for iPhone and iPad

Great for new DIYers, this app checks whether a surface is level. It includes a magnification feature that adjusts its sensitivity to changes in incline, making it more accurate for intricate work. Sound linked with the spirit level bubble means you don’t have to watch the screen when adjusting materials. Just put your phone in a protective case before using it as a tool.

6. Magic Plan

Free for iPhone, iPad and Android

Magic Plan uses your phone’s camera to measure a room and draw a floorplan. Stand in the middle of the room and point the camera at each corner. It takes a few goes, but you end up with a floorplan that can be exported as a PDF, JPG or DXF. It’s a good idea to check the measurements with a tape measure before ordering furniture or materials.

7. Magpie by Conran

Free for iPhone and iPad

This app is ideal for the planning stages of a reno. You can collect and collate all your sources of inspiration, including photos, videos and audio clips, so you can create a complete package on your projects. You can edit them anytime, and if you want to share your ideas or need a copy, it puts the collection into a beautifully styled PDF to print or email.

8. HandyMan Sidekick

$3 for iPhone and iPad

A DIYer’s best friend, especiallyif you’re a beginner. You enterthe dimensions of the area you’re overhauling and it then calculates how much of each material you need, including wallpaper, paint, plasterboard, flooring and mulch. This saves you several trips to the hardware store, letting you get on with the job. There’s also a handy flashlight tool.

9. Harvey Norman Photocentre

Free for iPhone, iPad and Android

Harvey Norman Photocentre makes it easy to turn your photos into prints, canvases or posters from your phone. If you’re looking for the right photo to finish off your revamped room, choose the style and size you want printed and the app then accesses your phone’s photo library.
Select the image, proceed to the check-out and wait for delivery.

10. Yates My Garden

Free for iPhone, iPad and Android

Whatever your skill level, this app could be your inspiration to design, grow and maintain a thriving garden. Use the Garden Visualiser to map out how you want it tolook and keep weeds, pests and diseases at bay with the Problem Solver tool. You can even track the progress of your plants and receive timely reminders to help care for them.