Solar lamp on garden path

First think about the spots outdoors where lighting is absolutely essential. Pinpoint high traffic areas and dark risky spots such as a stairs or areas where the ground level changes. These are the first areas where lighting should be installed.

Next, when choosing outdoor lights consider safety and sturdiness.

This should be of prime importance over aesthetics. A beautiful but flimsy outdoor light will not cut the mustard in adverse weather conditions or when faced with the hands of children. Whatever the design, ensure you choose an outdoor light that is sturdy and will last over a long period of time.

Consider installing garden lights with sensors that switch on as soon as someone approaches. These aren’t a good idea if you have pets, but are otherwise practical near the house, where traffic tends to be heavier.

When it comes to lighting pathways and other parts of the garden, think about using solar lighting. They work using small solar panels that store energy during the day, then release it at dusk.

The stored energy provides light for several hours. They’re fast to install, as there’s no connection and no excavation, so no need for an electrician to organise underground cables.