Try Your Hand At This Simple, Easy Step Stool
Handyman Magazine

Here’s a great gift idea that will draw raves. The joints are accurately made in seconds with a plate jointer, but don’t tell your admirers.

You’ll also need a power saw to crosscut the boards and a jigsaw to cut the half-circles in the risers. The lumber you’ll need:

  • One 2.4m 1×8 clear hardwood board (actual width is 18cm. and actual thickness is 1.9cm). Oak is a good choice because it’s readily available at home centres.
  • One 120cm. 1×3 hardwood board (actual width is 6cm. and actual thickness is 1.9cm).

Cut the 8-ft. board into:

  • Two 55cm riser boards
  • Two 28cm riser boards
  • One 35cm step board
  • One 14-in. seat board

You’ll use 2.3m of the 2.4 board, so make practice cuts on a scrap board first to check the angle and length of cut.

Don’t cut the 91cm 1×3 board until you’ve dry-assembled the step, seat and risers and measured for a perfect fit.

To create two risers, join the 28cm boards to the 55cm boards with No. 20 biscuits and glue.

Let dry 30 minutes, then lay the step and seat across and mark for two No. 20 biscuits at each joint.

Dry-assemble the step, seat and risers with biscuits, then cut and snugly fit the crosspieces.

Mark the riser-to-crosspiece joint and cut slots for No. 0 biscuits. Glue and firmly clamp the step, seat and crosspieces to the risers.

Check for square and let dry 30 minutes, then cut out the 11cm diameter arc on the bottom of the risers to create the legs.

Finish-sand and apply your favorite finish.

This project is designed for use on hard-surface flooring only, not carpeting.