Tom's Coffee Cart

Coffee lover Tom Neivandt took inspiration from daily coffee runs to build his own barista station.

By attaching redgum sleepers that he had in his garden to two kitchen cabinets, Tom created his unique feature piece for his home for just under $800.

‘I had a final design in my head, that of a modern-looking cabinet with a rustic-looking benchtop and timber wheels,’ he says.

tom neivandt, handyman reader,
Tom’s love of coffee inspired this DIY creation

Tom bought two cabinets and assembled them, then sanded and varnished the sleepers, which was the lengthiest part of the project.

He then used a biscuit joiner to join the sleepers together, forming the benchtop. The benchtop was then screwed onto the cabinets using a bracket kit.

‘The whole unit is very heavy, but I built it like this so that if I ever need to move it, it will come apart in two pieces,’ says Tom.

Finally, he added the wheels to complete the look, finishing off the whole project in a single weekend.

timber sleepers , handyman magazine
These redgum sleepers were lying idle in Tom’s garden before he put them to good use

DIY upcycled coffee cart,
This custom coffee cart cost just under $800 to make