Suzy's Pelican Mailbox

When friends of Suzy Hindley bought their dream home, she thought she would give them a unique housewarming gift.

‘They needed a new mailbox, and my friend loves pelicans so I happily offered to make one for her,’ says Suzy.

She came up with 2D images on paper, then transferred them onto 12mm marine-grade plywood. She cut out the pieces with a jigsaw and painted them.

The pieces for the box were scribed out, then the screw holes predrilled and countersunk. A vice was used to hold it together while it was glued and screwed.

pelican mailbox, handyman magazine,
Suzy made this pelican mailbox for just $66

Suzy pre-painted the inside of the box to seal it, then attached it to the pelican, nicknamed Mr Percival, before painting it.

She spent $66, with the paint accounting for most of the cost.

‘Mr Percival is now happily living in Currimundi,’ she says.

pelican by the ocean, handyman magazine,
Suzy’s gift was inspired by her friend’s love of pelicans

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Suzy used her DIY skills to create a unique mailbox