Solve Common Turf Problems

Take care of trouble spots and brown patches on the lawn with low-impact fixes and zap weeds with solutions that really work.

Turf problems

Lack of water

lack of water
Lack of water turns grass brown. Soak with 30mm of water, repeat in a few days then weekly.


Ants create piles of soil. Scatter with a rake, pour boiling water in the holes and reseed the bare spots.

Dollar spot

dollar spot, handyman magazine,
Dollar spot starts as dots of dead grass. Rake out the thatch then aerate and fertilise the lawn.

Brown patch

brown patch, handyman magazine,
Brown patch is a fungal disease. Reseed affected areas, aerate the soil and avoid afternoon watering.

Lawn weeds


dandelion, handyman magazine,
Dandelion flowers turn into white puffs of seed. Dig up the roots and mow before seeds appear.


bindies, handyman magazine,
Bindies are annuals with sharp, prickly seeds. Remove them by hand or use a chemical spray.

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