A smooth green lawn

If your lawn is invaded by moss and weeds, give it a quick renovation in autumn.

With a few tricks up your sleeve, in spring your lawn will be as good as new and you’ll avoid a more time-consuming revamp.

On a day when there’s no wind, apply a selective lawn weed killer and leave it to work for around 10 days (check all lawn products to make sure the one you use suits your lawn variety).

Borrow or rent a dethatcher, choosing a power model for more than 100 square metres of lawn.

Water the lawn to loosen the soil, then five days later go over it thoroughly lengthways and widthways with the dethatcher fitted with a catcher to eliminate moss.

Scatter coated grass seeds in the bare areas and spread slow-release fertiliser granules, that gradually release their nitrogen, over the whole surface of the lawn.

The repeated addition of lawn foods can result in soil becoming acidic, which favours weeds, so add lime to your lawn occasionally to reduce acidity and cut down on time spent weeding.