The Vass Garden Caddy, a Studio 10 & TVSN 2018 Grand Idea Winner, was built so keen gardeners can have a portable, handy, secure storage compartment for all kinds of garden tools that are best not stored on the ground – saving your back, knees and patience.

Designer Bill Vasili said a chance meeting with TV’s Barry Du Bois at the Melbourne Garden Show allowed the product to speak for itself – and loudly.

“Barry came up to us at the Melbourne Garden Show and loved it – he followed it up on the Hot or Not segment of The Living Room and here we are now,” Bill said.

“It got a great response and of course it was hot!”

“My dad is a keen gardener and is in his 80’s and is always bending down to get something or even forgetting where he put his tools and we looked around the market for something to help with this put there was nothing out there,” Bill said.

“It fits on all 3 sizes of bins in Australia 80, 120 and 240l and we are currently working out how to modify it for the New Zealand market.

“It can also become the base for modifications – there is a section under the caddy where you can even put speakers … We have one client who uses it to hold chips, nuts and wine while relaxing in the backyard.”

For more information, check out the Garden Caddy here.