Kingspan Round Steel Water Tank

Cutting excess water usage in and around the home is critical in managing household waste and costs – especially when households are looking for new ways to tighten budgets.

According to some councils, everyday water usage really adds up. Based on an average four-person home, every year:

  • An 11-litre full flush toilet uses up to 65,700 litres
  • A 4.5 star rated washing machine uses 6,318 litres
  • Washing dishes by hand uses 9,800 litres

Average daily mains water use can range from 100 litres per person to 800 litres which can all add up to a very expensive exercise in an average home. But costs can be reduced by making the most of rainfall.

Households can dramatically reduce their water bill by installing and using a rainwater tank that is well made, effective, and easy to install. It is also important to choose a tank from a trusted and leading provider.

Kingspan is a leading water tank manufacturer in Australia. They pride themselves on being a part of the process from the beginning to the end; from when you first place an order, to the creation of the tank, all the way to delivery and after-sales support.

Kingspan say the combination of rainwater harvesting, water-efficient appliances and tap water is more efficient than tap water alone. “Households with rainwater connected to laundry, toilets and outdoor services can expect to save 40,000 to 90,000 litres each year, with some households reporting much larger savings.”

To customise a rainwater tank to your home, Kingspan have developed an online tool called the Size-a-lator to quickly and easily match the right tank to your needs and available space. In just six steps you can design your own corrugated steel water tank with a pump or other accessories

The process takes about a minute and allows you to customise the dimensions of the tank which shows how much rainwater you can potentially use and collect.

Kingspan water tanks are manufactured from AQUAPLATE® steel, capacities range from 600 to 29,000 litres and are available in four different shapes. A popular choice is the Slimline shape which helps maximise the water storage capacity of an available area. The sleek design of each Slimline tank is made to measure to fit perfectly.

Kingspan Slimline Steel Water Tank

All tanks come with a 10-year construction warranty, 20-year warranty against corrosion and carry the WaterMark certification, meaning each and every tank is audited to meet the strict regulations. Each tank also comes fully equipped with an inlet strainer with light guard, a fitted overflow with mosquito screen and a fitted outlet with watermarked brass ball valve.

To learn more about Kingspan Rainwater Tanks visit, email, or call 1300 736 562 to speak to their friendly customer service team who can chat to you about your rainwater tank requirements.