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Rainwater runoff can cause problems in a yard, leading to boggy patches, flooding or even structural problems if water is allowed to collect near buildings.

Excess rainwater can also be detrimental to structures like retaining walls, leading to erosion or structural damage.

Luckily there is a handy solution for dealing with rainwater in your yard. Stretch Drain from Reln is a unique product that can easily solve drainage issues by diverting water from the source to another location, into stormwater systems, or dispersing it into the groundwater.

Although it resembles traditional corrugated piping, the unique structure of Stretch Drain allows it to be easily bent around obstacles. It can expand and contract as required, meaning one length of pipe can have a variety of uses.

Stretch Drain is simple and easy to install, and comes with a range of accessories, allowing it to be connected to all popular drainage pipes and systems.

Solid Stretch Drain is ideal for diverting water from one point to another, for example from a downpipe to a stormwater system.

Slotted Stretch Drain features closely spaced slits to allow water ingress or dispersal. It’s ideal for groundwater drainage, such as controlled flow of stormwater into ground of French drains to capture groundwater. It’s also available covered with a polyester sock to prevent clogging.

Installing Stretch Drain is especially straightforward, as it comes in a compact package which makes it easy to move around the site. The unique structure allows it to be stretched out to the desired size without having to be cut.

With an efficient drainage system in place, rainwater can be diverted away from your house or other structures, and into stormwater drains or even into garden beds to provide water for plants.

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