Removing ScotchBlue Platinum Painter's tape

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When painting a wall, taping the edges to protect skirting, architraves and cornices is the key to getting a perfect finish.

Splotches of paint on trim and adjoining walls can detract from the look of a freshly painted wall, and if paint bleeds underneath the tape, it can be very tricky to tidy up.

Luckily, there is a way you can maximise results when cutting in, while at the same time making walls easier to tape up.

ScotchBlue Platinum Painter’s Tape from 3M has been designed to offer superior paint protection while being quicker to apply and remove than paper-backed masking tape.

Made from an advanced poly-backed material, it’s easy to apply in tight corners as the tape can be torn at a precise 90° angle. Just pinch the tape between your thumb and index finger, then rip along the fold for a perfectly neat edge.

Designed for use on a range of materials, including painted timber trim, metal and glass, the tape provides excellent adhesion to prevent paint from seeping underneath. At the same time, the adhesive is delicate enough to not damage the surface beneath.

The advanced technology means the tape won’t tear or sliver when being removed, making the whole paint job much quicker. Just pull it away at a 45° angle to remove it all in one long piece. Reveal great results with ultra-sharp paint lines and no surface damage.

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