How to choose a rainwater tank

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Rainwater tanks boost the green credentials of your home by creating a renewable source of water that can be used for many applications around the home and garden, including irrigating lawns, keeping plants and vegetables hydrated and washing clothes.

The first step in choosing a rainwater tank is deciding how much rainwater you want to store. You can determine this figure by calculating how much rainwater you plan on using per week.

A large garden may require about 1000 litres per week, toilets can use about 200 litres per week, and washing machines can use up to 1000 litres per week. A good rule of thumb is to have at least three weeks worth of water available.

The next step is to figure out where you want to position your rainwater tank. The best place for a rainwater tank is next to a wall or a fence, positioned so it does not block any doors, windows or paths. A sturdy, level surface is essential, as a full tank can weigh several tonnes. Measure the space you have in mind to determine how large a tank you can fit.

The best way to get a tank that perfectly fits your space and size requirements is by having one made to measure. Kingspan have been manufacturing and supplying long lasting, high quality made-to-measure steel water tanks for over 80 years, and can also provide professional advice on designing rainwater harvesting systems.

Made in Australia using quality AQUAPLATE® steel, Kingspan tanks come in four different shapes, including Slimline, Modline, Round and Square.

Selecting the right tank for your space is made easy using the Size-a-lator. Using this handy tank calculator, you can design a tank that perfectly suits your space and size requirements, and get a quote for your new tank online.

First select your preferred style of tank, then adjust the height and width. The Size-a-lator automatically calculates the capacity of the tank, so you can create the ideal tank for your requirements.

You can then select the colour, accessories and outlets for your tank, and send the details to a friendly Kingspan team member who will be in touch within 24 hours.

Once the tank is ordered, Kingspan will deliver the tank direct to the base, ready for connection, and won’t leave it in your driveway.

With a tank that perfectly fits your home, you will be able to easily harvest rainwater, cutting your water bills and minimising your environmental impact.

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