filling scratch in timber furniture with tint

There are various ways to remove or disguise scratches, depending on the damage and the surface. Here are our tips on how to deal with scratches on waxed wood, varnished wood and solid wood furniture.

Waxed wood

Retouch crayons or pens can be used to remove light scratches from waxed wood.

You can also remove scratches by sanding the wood with fine abrasive paper or garnet paper (available from craft shops) dipped in linseed oil. After sanding, repolish the damaged area, taking care to blend the newly waxed area with its surroundings.

A deep scratch can be filled with a wax filler stick, available in various wood colours. Apply by hand, following the instructions, and remove excess with a cloth, making sure that it fills the scratch. Once it has set, polish the wood with wax polish.

Varnished wood

To fix a scratch in varnished wood you will need to reapply the varnish. Find a matching varnish and dilute it with a white spirit. Apply varnish to the scratch with a soft brush.

Work along the length of the scratch, brushing in the direction of the grain. Let the varnish dry, then reapply until the surface is slightly raised.

Then, level off with fine sandpaper, dust and apply more varnish to blend with the surface.

Dents in solid wood

You can restore a dent in solid wood (not veneer) using a household iron over a damp cloth. The wood will swell, then dry, then you can sand and repolish the area.