Bathroom renovations can make a home much more liveable and add thousands of dollars in value.

Installing it DIY makes your money go further and means you get your dream bathroom sooner.

Take time to plan your renovation to avoid having to remodel again a few years down the track.

Work out exactly what you need and think about any possible lifestyle changes in the future.

Design the layout

Design the layout
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Measure the space and experiment with layouts on paper, keeping in mind that using existing plumbing will reduce overall costs.

If space is an issue, prioritise the changes that make the biggest impact, both practically and visually.

Think about storage and available light, and decide whether a bath is necessary.


Set your budget

Set your budget

Once you have a plan on paper, determine whether your budget can stretch to a full renovation or whether a cosmetic update is a better option.

If your bathroom has good bones, replacing the vanity or adding new fittings can make an instant impact.

Work out how much you can save by doing it yourself and decide what you will need a tradie for.

Remember, all plumbing and electrical work must be done by a qualified professional.

Focus on quality

Focus on quality
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The finishing touches can make all the difference in a bathroom revamp.

Choose the best quality products you can afford to keep that wow factor for years to come.

Throughout the reno, take a step back and look at the project as a whole to make sure you’re happy.

Changes made early on will cost much less than once the renovation is complete.