No-one expects your workshop area to be completely pristine, but there are smart ways to minimise clutter and make the overall space more efficient and user-friendly.

This garage had only a basic bench that was turned into a workstation with just a few DIY additions.

A lockable cabinet was built from plywood under the bench to conceal bulky items and safely store away dangerous items out of reach of kids.

A pine shelf was also added under the window, which provided another useful storage area to help to free up space on the bench.

The wall behind the workbench was then clad in pegboard so hand tools and other items could be displayed within easy reach on hooks.

Mount the pegboard

Mount the pegboard
Handyman Magazinbe

Measure and cut the pegboard to size, then secure to the plywood cladding using timber screws positioned along the edges of the pegboard every 300mm.

Attach hooks to the pegboard to create hanging tool storage.