DIY Fold-Up Workbench

Handyman reader Brent Adcock crafted a foldaway workbench for next to nothing by salvaging all the materials for the project from skip bins on new-home building sites.

He used boards left over from roof construction to build the main frame, with the backing of the bench made from salvaged flooring materials.

The benchtop and doors are framed with roofing batten offcuts, while the plywood used for the doors and work surface were recycled from a discarded packing crate.

For the legs, Brent used dressed all round (DAR) timber that had been concrete formwork in a past life.

Even the offcuts weren’t wasted, as he transformed the scraps into a rolling box for storing his power tools.

DIY foldaway workbench open, handyman magazine,
This workbench is an ideal DIY storage solution

DIY foldaway workbench, closed, handyman magazine,
The workbench folds up when not in use to save space and protect tools

sliding drawer, handyman magazine,
Wheels make it easy to slide the tool drawer out for use or back in for storage

brent handyman reader, handyman magazine,
Brent used recycled materials to create this foldaway workbench