Decorate With Rulers

Add a few designer touches to your home with nothing more than a glue gun and a selection of old and new wooden rulers.

Look for vintage measuring and craft or trade rulers online or buy them new in 15cm, 30cm and 1m lengths, ranging in price from $1 to $6, from places like Officeworks.

To make an eye-catching coat rack, cut a piece of 90 x 19mm pine to size and add picture hangers on the back. Cut rulers to different lengths and glue them to the front side, using screws to add coat hooks.

Wooden rulers are also a novel way to upcycle a vase or lampshade. You just need to choose one with a smooth cylindrical or straight-sided shape.

Cut the rulers to size using a mitre box and tenon saw. Apply adhesive to the backs of the rulers with a hot glue gun, then attach to a clean surface, holding in position using masking tape until dry.

TIP You can also use PVA adhesive.

lamp shade made from rulers, handyman magazine,
Wooden rulers are also a novel way to upcycle a vase or lampshade

create a hanging rack using rulers, handyman magazine,
Decorate a wall-mounted hanging rack for hats and bags