Create Succulent Centrepieces

Succulents are resilient and tough. You can take them from a pot, use them for a special purpose and then return them to their original pot.

Just about any container can be used to create a centrepiece, from a glass bowl to a novelty planter.

This teacup had a drainage hole so we planted an aeonium as a feature, adding lower-growing bright-green succulents around the base.

For a seasonal centrepiece, arrange succulent cuttings and divisions around a candle, then after Christmas, plant them in a permanent spot.

Try a vase, fishbowl, large shell or even a piece of old driftwood. Secure the succulents in pebbles or gravel and spray lightly with water.

succulent centrepiece, handyman magazine,
The leaves of Aeonium ‘Tricolor’ are striking in a glass-doored lantern

succulent centrepiece, handyman magazine,
Succulents surround a candle in this simple glass bowl