Behind every bottle of wine is a talented winemaker. But do you know who they are?

If you buy your wine at a typical bottle shop, you won’t. They’re an invisible part of a big wine company (or supermarket – you’d be surprised how many wine brands are owned by Woolies and Coles) with someone else’s name on the label.

In 2012, Naked Wines set out to change that by backing talented independent Aussie and Kiwi winemakers to make their own wine exclusively for their customers.

That way, the winemakers get upfront funding and spend less time selling and more time making their best wine. And Naked’s customers get super quality wines that cost much less than traditional retail.

Why ‘Naked’?

It’s nothing to do with a lack of clothes! The company’s called Naked because everything except the wine is stripped back – you’re not paying for hidden costs that drive the prices up like distribution and advertising. You get exactly what you pay for (amazing quality wine) while having the satisfaction that you’re supporting local independent winemakers!

Who are the Naked winemakers?

They’re some of the best in Australia and New Zealand. Talented folk who’ve worked for famous labels like Yalumba, Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Vasse Felix and now work for themselves. Naked Wines give them the freedom to make their own wines their way and have fun along the way.

Is this a wine club?

Naked Wines is not a wine club – it’s a thriving wine community!

The website is a lively hub for not only buying wine, but posting and reading millions of Naked wine reviews, connecting with each other and ‘chatting’ with the winemakers themselves.

You can buy whatever wines you want there, when you want, and they’ll be delivered to your door with a refund for any you try and don’t like.

Anyone can buy wines at, but their Angel members get the best deal. In return for a small monthly credit to their Naked Wines account to use against their future orders, Angels get the red carpet treatment like up to 40% off the retail price, exclusive access to wines you can’t buy anywhere else, free samples with certain purchases, and delivery discounts.

That’s why there are over 100,000 of them!

What now?

Naked Wines gives wine drinkers a simple way to enjoy fantastic Australian and New Zealand wines at amazing prices and support independent winemakers into the bargain.

If that sounds something you’d like to be part of, claim a voucher for $100 off your first case of Naked Wines here.

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Naked Wines.