Have you got the inspiration, watched all the how-to’s and have your list of materials ready to go – but just want the confidence that you can do the job right?

Want some assurance you know what’s behind the wall? Are you scared to put holes in the wall that won’t align and may bother you forever? That’s why the Bosch DIY Measuring Tools range exists. From laser levels, to distance measurers, as well as detectors, make sure you have the right tool for every DIYers measuring needs.

The Bosch DIY Measuring Tools range includes a variety of easy-to-use household-staple tools, such as: inspection cameras, digital detection devices, cross-line lasers, laser rangefinders (the infamous Zamo III digital tape measure) and much more. Bosch has all the DIY confidence you need.

Time to upgrade your rusty tape measure!

Tape measures are great, except what do you do when there’s nobody around to help you hold the other end? This is now a problem of the past with digital range measurers. The Zamo III is the latest digital laser measure from Bosch DIY, making measuring ‘simply simple’ with a click of a button. Key features of the Zamo III include: precise laser technology for measurements up to 20m; easy-to-use intuitive 1-button operation; unique interface for adapters; versatile adapters for multiple applications; and a highly attractive 30% higher purchase intention than its predecessor model.`

The Zamo III includes three separate adapters, including: a tape adapter for accurate measurement of short distances and free-standing objects such as circular lamp shade or width of a TV screen; a wheel adapter for fast and easy measurements of curves and distances; and a laser-line adapter for quick and easy alignment of objects such as pictures and shelves.

Bosch have delivered the perfect laser measure for creative starters and hobbyists, as well as being an all-round useful measuring tool for the home. The trusty laser measure is a must have in every home.

Measuring for your bigger home projects:

Ever tried keeping record of multiple measurement results and end up with loose sheets of paper or unreadable hand-written notes everywhere? Well the PLR 40 C is the first laser measure for DIYers equipped with a Bluetooth module to enable easy documentation of measuring results when used with the app.

In a modern and compact design, this laser measure easily and accurately measures length, area, volume, and offers continuous measurement plus Min/Max, Plus, Minus and Clear functions. Measurements can be taken from both the front and back of the product for full-length measurement and accuracy.

Key features of the PLR 40 C, include: laser technology, 1.4” colour display, measurement button, Bluetooth connectivity with complimentary DIY app ‘PLR measure&go’, soft grip, reference setting, mode selection, Plus/Minus, On/Off & Clear.

Applications suited for the PLR 40 C, include: determining the amount of material to be purchased for products such as paint, wallpaper, flooring, carpet and baseboards; ideal for making sure the new furniture items fit into the desired location, e.g. cupboards, wardrobes, and dining tables; and for documenting DIY construction projects when renovating or building a new home, working on a building projects, etc.

Say goodbye to ‘close enough’ and ‘that will do’, have everything aligned once and for all:

Aligning pictures has never been easier with one of Bosch DIY’s best cross-line lasers with green beam technology. Green laser technology has proven to display 4 times better visibility compared to the more commonly known red beam laser technology used in most laser measuring tools. The ultra-bright green laser has a higher spectral response to the human eye and is therefore the perfect laser for indoor applications under bright lighting conditions.

Key features of the Bosch Quigo Green Cross-line laser, include: +/-4 degrees self-levelling range,  simple sliding on/off switch, ¼” tripod thread, +/-4 degrees self-levelling range; and for even greater versatility, attach the clamp with adapter plate included in the scope of delivery for flexible positioning.

The Quigo Green is a must-have for around the home levelling needs, as well as more technical measurement requirements such as tiles installation on the wall, aligning cabinets and mirrors in a bathroom or hanging up curtain rails and rods.

For your smaller levelling needs:

The PLL1P is a the simple and versatile solution for short distance levelling applications, through its compact size and large scope of applications due to dedicated mount that is usable on a camera tripod or directly on the wall. The PLL1P has a point projection at 20m distance and line projection at 5m distance.

This line laser measure is compatible for applications such as: horizontal and vertical alignment of shelves and electrical installations; slope function for hanging pictures in parallel to objects such as stairways; projecting/checking heights via laser point for alignment of wardrobe hooks at the same height; and the spirit level function can be used for checking vertical and horizontal lines, for aligning white goods such as a washing machine or refrigerator.

Another household essential product for the everyday DIYer.

Safely drill into the wall with the help of a stud finder and inspection cameras:

The Bosch UniversalInspect is the ideal inspection camera for having a clear view into hard-to-access or dark areas that are often made complicated by pipes, drywall, futters, household appliance or places blocked by big furniture.

The UniversalInspect includes a small camera head of 8mm in diameter, to easily enter small spaces; an internal memory for up to 8 images and micro SD-card slot; and imager cable wrapped around the camera for convenient storage in a soft-bag.

Key features of the UniversalInspect, include: an ergonomic design; 2.31” colour display with high screen resolution, black and white contrast, 3-step zoom function, and 3-step illumination; documentation possibilities; and a compact model size.

Suitable for repairs and inspection of home appliances, cars, and both inside and outside inspection of pipes and drains.

This is a sponsored article produced in partnership with Bosch.