Two cans are faster  –  and sometimes better

Two cans are faster  –  and sometimes better
The Family Handyman

Spray-painting a big surface isn’t just slow; it can also lead to texture trouble. In warm, dry conditions, spray paint dries almost instantly, so very light ‘overspray’ may land on nearby paint that’s almost dry. When that happens, you get inconsistencies in the surface texture. Here’s how to get paint onto the project faster and get a consistent finish: Just hold a can in each hand. If you move each hand independently, one hand will stray off course. But if you hold the cans together, creating a single spray pattern, it’s easy to stay on track. Keep in mind that this trick can lead to drips on vertical surfaces. Make faster passes and try a practise run on a scrap of cardboard.

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 Source: The Family Handyman