6 Ways To Prepare For Bushfire Season

Summer is nearing and while this has many pleasant connotations (long days at the beach, barbecues, holidays), it also means the bushfire season is approaching.

In this article we list 6 ways you can fireproof your home.

1. Make a plan

Review your bushfire survival plan and prepare a survival kit containing a first-aid kit, radio, torch and bottled water.

2. Equip yourself

Install roof sprinklers and attach a hose that reaches around the house. Add a Static Water Supply sign for a pool, tank or dam.

3. Fireproof your yard

Replace timber fences, doormats and flyscreens with non-combustible metal items to lower the risk of fire.

4. Trim trees

Cut back overgrown trees and shrubs near the house. Mow the lawn regularly and dispose of waste.

5. Fix the house

Replace broken roof tiles, repair gaps in walls and enclose underfloor areas to stop embers penetrating.

6. Clean the gutters

Burning embers can ignite leaf litter in gutters, so clear them out and install metal guards so they don’t become clogged.