5 Common Oven Problems And How To Solve Them , deep etch of oven,

Even the best cook can’t overcome a problematic oven. When the oven isn’t working properly food can be burned, undercooked or just turn out plain wrong. While clever tricks and recipe tweaks can solve the problem, a better way is to get the oven back in top shape. Here are five common oven problems and how to solve.

1.The temperature is inconsistent

Preheat an electric oven then use a thermometer to test the accuracy of the thermostat. To recalibrate an old oven, turn the screws behind the temperature knobs or consult the manual for specific advice. If the thermostat is faulty it must be replaced by a technician.

2. The oven door looks wonky

Staining or soot around the door can indicate it’s warped. Open the door and loosen the screws near the corners that join the inner and outer panels. Push down on the door, twist it from side to side then tighten the screws. Close the door and look for gaps.

3. The door doesn’t close tightly

Open the door and inspect the seal clipped to the front of the oven. Peel off a damaged, burned or soiled seal and replace with an identical one from an appliance parts supplier. Leave seals on self-cleaning ovens to a professional repair technician.

4.Things are not cooking properly

The element may be burning out. Disconnect the power by tripping the switch at the consumer unit, then remove the screws that hold the element in place. Pull out the element and have it tested with an electrical continuity tester. If it’s faulty it will need to be replaced.

5.The stove sides are hard to keep clean

If you have a freestanding stove, keep spills from adjacent benchtops by installing T-shaped plastic gaskets, available at hardware stores, slipping them between the stove and the benchtops. When the gaskets get soiled, wash them then reinstall.