With warmer weather fast approaching, you’re likely to be spending more time relaxing in your backyard or exploring the great outdoors. Whether at home or on-the-go, an outdoor cleaner is the perfect companion to take care of small to medium cleaning tasks for you, so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Unlike a high-pressure washer, an outdoor cleaner, such as the Bosch Fontus, doesn’t rely on having a power or water supply to get the job done since it’s cordless and stores up to 15 litres of water.
Here are 10 things you can clean with an outdoor cleaner.


When you think about spring cleaning, you might think about throwing things out in the bin. But how often do you clean the bin itself? Outdoor cleaners are great for an all-round clean and for removing stubborn dirt like bird mess, algae and mud (especially if your bin lives outside all year round).

Garden furniture

Need to quickly spruce up your garden furniture for a last-minute BBQ? Don’t worry about unravelling your hose or electric cable, your outdoor cleaner can get it looking clean in no time.


We all love a summer BBQ, but cleaning it can sometimes be a chore. Outdoor cleaners may come with a fan jet for precise cleaning, making this task a whole lot easier.

Backyard toys

Cobwebs and garden dirt can put kids off from using their outdoor toys, sandpits or playhouses. Giving them a quick wash with an outdoor cleaner will get them in tip-top shape for when the kids want to play.


Gently clean mucky paws and coats with an outdoor cleaner, or just cool your dog off in the heat. Or rinse horses and muddy boots at a riding stable or clean out hutches or pens for other animals.

Plants and greenhouses

Outdoor cleaners such as the Bosch Fontus have different spray settings which are perfect for plants and greenhouses. The shower jet function is perfect for gently watering all of your precious plants, whereas the stronger jet function can clean down the greenhouse for a sparkling finish.

Family items

A day out with the kids can often result in dirty pushchairs, scooters, sports equipment and gumboots. Wash them down before you get in the car and you’ll save yourself having to clean that off too!

Mountain bikes, surfboards, hiking gear and other outdoor hobby equipment

If you have outdoor hobbies, there’s a chance you’ll have lots of expensive kit that needs maintaining. Mountain bikes, surfboards, hiking gear and other equipment get dirty when well-used. An outdoor cleaner can get rid of mud, dust and sand so you don’t risk bringing the dirt back inside with you.


You might travel to a remote area where you’re not in easy reach of a hose or electricity supply. An outdoor cleaner can help remove stubborn areas of dirt and then be packed away in the boot of your car.

Caravans and camping gear

With many campsites located off the beaten track, water and electricity supplies can be difficult to access if you need to wash mud off your tent or caravan, equipment, or even yourself after a day out and about. An outdoor cleaner is ideal for keeping your gear clean.

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