What To Plant Around A Pool

Select the right varieties for the poolside to create a lush backyard landscape

What To Plant Around A Pool

A swimming pool is often on the wish list for the backyard but may not be on the reno budget for several years.

If you’re landscaping from scratch and you would like a pool in your backyard down the track, make space for it as you lay out the garden.

The future pool site should be earmarked for temporary gardens or as a play area, but don’t plant trees or erect any structures that will be difficult or expensive to remove.

Also plan ahead for access to the site, as digging equipment will need to be brought in and soil and rocks removed during the excavation and pool installation process.

TIP Access can be through the garage if there is a door on the garden side.

Choose a location
Choose a location
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The ideal place for a swimming pool is an open, sunny spot. It can be any size, from a traditional kidney shape to a narrow lap or small plunge pool where space is limited.

Create the illusion of a larger yard by investing in glass fencing. While still meeting safety requirements, glass panels make the pool a feature and keep the views open.

The fence must be kept free of plants that could assist a child to climb over it, so don’t try to hide pool fencing with shrubs, strongly branched climbers or trees.

Instead, opt for plants with soft stems or foliage like agapanthus or dwarf New Zealand flax.

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