Wall-Mounted Planter

  • Wall-Mounted Planter

Free up floorspace with a vertical garden. Wall-mounted planters are good for small areas and are also easier on the back than garden beds.

Make one from a plastic storage container, adding dividers and fabric to keep the soil and plants in place. 

Avoid large plants that put weight on the roots and use a potting mix that contains water-storage crystals.

Plants that thrive in shallow soil are best. Try small-leafed ferns or bromeliads on a shaded wall, and in full sun use succuluents.

TIP Spray the plastic with a primer then apply a matt black paint.   

Step 1. Make cutouts in lid

Use a marker pen to mark around the compartments on the container lid about 50mm from the edges, scoring the plastic repeatedly with a utility knife to cut through. TIP Keep the plastic offcuts and attach them to the box back as reinforcement when securing it to the wall.

Step 2. Secure dividers

Position the dividers in the box and use cable ties to secure. Drill 4mm holes through the box and corners of the offcuts from the lid, then use 15 x 3mm stainless bolts, nuts and washers to secure. Drill 4mm drainage holes through the box base. Cover the drainage holes with geotextile fabric.

Step 3. Position plants

Fill the box with potting mix and cover it with geotextile fabric. Starting at the base, cut horizontal slits in the fabric. Tease out the roots of each plant, then insert them into the slits and firm the soil around the roots, adding more if needed. Attach the planter to a masonry wall using wall anchors.

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