The Ultimate Guide To Cooking On The Barbecue


This method uses the grill rack, which is usually made of cast iron. Food is exposed to the heat source through the slots, creating that fabulous chargrilled flavour, as well the distinctive charred stripes. As the food cooks, any juices or fat drain out, making this cooking method a healthy choice.

  • Most trolley and built-in barbecues have a slotted grill rack and solid hotplate, while kettle and hibachi-style barbecues mainly use a grill rack.
  • When cooking foods with delicate flesh or texture, such as fish, tofu, soft vegetables and fruit, you can cover the rack with foil before heating. This stops the food slipping through the slots and also prevents it from overcooking.
  • Brush the grill rack with oil before heating, or brush the food with oil before placing it on the grill rack.
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