Turn Your Kitchen Into A Practical Workspace

Turn the hub of your home into a great looking, practical workspace.

Turn Your Kitchen Into A Practical Workspace

It’s the heart of the home and 
getting the design right relies not just on the individual parts, but how it fits with your family, within your budget and to your tastes.

John Lorych, owner of Smith & Smith Kitchens, has been in the business for more than 40 years and has developed a keen sense of what makes 
a kitchen work.

Number one on his list is the aesthetic and design quality.

"The most important element is how it looks. I think people are happier and work more efficiently in a space that looks as good as possible," he says.

Timber tones
Timber tones
Handyman Magazine/Tim Turner

Natural timbers in the kitchen can take a very modern and high-tech design while giving a soft, organic feel.

Modern veneers often look just as good as the real thing while requiring less maintenance than timber.

Either way, the result is an aesthetic in keeping with the popular Scandinavian style.

Pair timbers with matt finishes and clean lines to maximise this look.

Keep the flooring choices in mind when selecting the main materials for surfaces in the kitchen, as a theme will unify all areas


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